Muslims do not hate America. That is fiction. There are millions of Americans who are Muslim. There are an extremely radical sect who claim to be Muslim who do, but actual Muslims reject them as strongly as we do. There is nothing Muslim about what ISIS is doing.

To buy into the fear that Fox News sells every day is to make yourself a shill. It certainly doesn’t help that statements made on Fox News are right only 18% of the time (there have been studies, yes, and it’s 18%).

Liberals are not trying to “subjugate Christians”. That’s fiction. There is no anti-Christian agenda. There is, however, a push-back on people who would force their fears and unbending viewpoints on others, and that’s what the radicalized Christians are doing.

Nobody’s going to put Christians in special reeducation camps, or punish them as a group because of their religion. That’s a paranoiac fantasy, set forth to give the alt-right a reason to be aggressive towards everyone else. What most liberals want – and indeed what nearly all Americans want, regardless of which token animal represents their chosen political party – is for everybody to get along, and to live their lives without other people – the power mad, or religious zealots of any stripe – telling them how to do that.

This is why religion has no place in government, or in fact in any discussion of how the government should be run. Each person should be free to choose their own path, so naturally when things happen that limit freedoms based on the religious right’s views on race, religion, or sexual identity, there’s going to be a push back, and a big one. Our country was literally founded to protect those sorts of freedoms.

Regardless of what Fox News tells you, there is no “war on Christmas”, no “war on Christians”, no “war on Republicans”. Nobody is being sent to interment camps, rapists are not pouring through our borders. These are statements designed to make you afraid, so that you can be controlled through that fear.

All that is happening is that most Americans now reject that fear. Clutching that fear to your chest does you far more harm than good.

I am frankly astonished at the number of people who simply parrot whatever the right-wing owned media tells them to say. They hear it all the time, so they believe it’s true without actually checking anything. It’s all about kneejerk reactions, territorialism, xenophobia. They’re all wrapped up in their own personal feelings, putting themselves above the needs of the society at all costs. They all seem to have forgotten the core of nearly every religion, which essentially translates to nothing more complex than “be excellent to one another, for we are one.”