I’ve been an animator and CG artist since about 1995, when I was forced to learn it because the artists assigned to me at the game company I was working for at the time turned out to have zero applicable skills. Once I was done with the game industry, my first gig was for an online commercial for Lexus via the advertising firm Saachi & Saachi.

Here is my first demo reel, notably cringe-worthy animation by my current standards, but there’s some cool stuff in it.

I did game design and animation for various contracts, then got a job at Rhythm & Hues in their training department, where I taught the use of their proprietary CG tools to artists and animators at the studio for ten years.

I spent ten years teaching pipeline tools and animation at Rhythm & Hues Studios before they imploded in 2013, and taught a lot of animators. Here are some animation samples from that time. They were done using their proprietary animation package called “Voodoo”.

I also did an animatic with hand-drawn 2D animation, called “The Ant.” When I showed it to the animation director at Rhythm and Hues at the time, the feedback I got on it was that I hadn’t picked the extreme poses correctly, and that it was hard to follow what the intended resulting animations were because of that. I can see now what they meant, but I didn’t at the time.

I created my first complete TV commercial in 2015 for a now-defunct Doctor Who podcast called MarkWho42,  then made a second one a year later. Here are both of those.

And now lately I’m working on “Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series”, which is a hybrid production using a combination of premade animated characters from Plotagon and extra footage I’m adding, made in Maya, to fill in the parts Plotagon can’t do. I’ll add graphics from that as soon as I sort out the image upload problems I’m having with WordPress on this site.