I do both digital and “real world” painting, and the occasional mashup for fun:

secondGeekhoodFrontPageThis was a commission for Second Geekhood. We did a photo shoot so I’d have good reference material, then I did this painting based on those. It took an evening to do the photo shoot, and another four days to do the painting. There are problems with it, but I’m probably the only one outside of a more skilled illustrator that can see them.

This first one was something I did for Olivia Hussey. I took the original photograph and hand-painted a scene extension to make it look as though it had been part of the original photograph, replicating not only the style of the painter of the oriental screen behind her, but the hand tinting applied to the original photograph and the film grain.

This was my niece Christy when she was about 4 years old (she’s in her thirties, now, all grown up). I’d been asked to simply restore the photograph, and corrected sun and water damage. I couldn’t resist adding the faerie wings and ears, and gave my step-mom both versions.

This one speaks for itself.

Speed painting, done in the Gimp. Took about ten minutes, I guess. I do this stuff for fun, just to remind myself that I can still do it when I want to.

“Pilot”, Acrylic on posterboard

Acrylic on posterboard, circa 1987. I won an award for this one. It represents about three day’s work.

Painted for a friend, Jim Davis (no, not the creator of Garfield) for his 50th birthday. Acrylic on canvas – it was the first time I’d tried to paint anyone’s likeness in perhaps 30 years, so I’m not as happy with it as I’ve been with other things I’ve done. He loved it, though.

Painted as a birthday present for another friend, Susan Fox. Acrylic on canvas, 11″x14″.

More speed painting. Done actual size in the Gimp, about 15 minutes work.

— Gene Turnbow

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