It’s very easy to be convinced that you’re on the wrong track. All it takes is a good heart and a conscience.

If you’re a reasonable person, you listen to things others say about you even if they’re negative or unflattering. You’re always watching over your own shoulder to make sure you’re not accidentally doing something horrific to somebody else through your own inattentiveness or insensitivity. Everyone deserves a voice, and you know your opinion is not necessarily the most valid one, and so even when what somebody’s saying is confusing or somewhat against the grain, you give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s just a little thing, you say to yourself. It’s a small concession.

And then day by day, month by month, these concessions pile up. They take you further and further away from your own perception of what’s true, fair and just, until one day you wake up and realize that the entire system’s been shoved so far off center that it’s liable to collapse and take you and everything you hold dear with it. And invariably, this huge shift is for the benefit of a tiny group of manipulative people who don’t give a damned about anyone but themselves. The rest of us are left to pull what’s left out of the rubble and dust it off and try to make do, and the only reason we’re in that position in the first place is that we’ve been convinced that each of the tiny steps that got us there were fair and just, at least in the eyes of some identifiable group if not in our own judgement.

The way they catch us is our willingness to put others before ourselves. Nobody is right a hundred percent of the time. These societal leeches prey on people like us. They take advantage of our good will and grab on the end of the yarn and run like hell, hoping to pull most of it away from us before we notice what they’re doing.

This November 4th, we caught the yarn. And finally, at long last, we’re pulling back. We have a chance to redeem ourselves, and rebuild that which has been lost to the thieves and the liars who told us that it was all in our best interests. The darkness was real, all right – and we did have reason to be afraid of it. But it’s turning out that the darkness was made a lot bigger by the people who stood to gain the most from darkness.

I think I much prefer the light.
— Gene Turnbow


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