I’m playijng with Stable Diffusion now, and my father expressed an interest in good laboratory backgrounds for his videos that he wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally infringing on somebody’s copyright.

Gene to the rescue.  Here you go, Dad.

To everyone else, if you want to use any of these, go right ahead. They are specifically not copyrighted, or proprietary, and made for using as background plates in Zoom.   Go nuts.

To Use an Image

  • Click on an image you like, and it will zoom up.
  • Right click on the opened image, and select “Open in New Tab”.
  • In the new tab, right-click again and select “Save As” and you’ll be able to download the image to your hard disk.

Remember that these are all copyright free.  Use them in anything you like, and don’t bother with attribution.

Don’t believe I did these myself?

Well ….