Mad Scientist Type

Gene Turnbow

When we first started school, we all got asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I just started trying everything.

More than half a century later, I still haven’t made up my mind.

If you are a Renaissance person, don’t water it down. You have a responsibility to aim for the stars. 

My Story

I’m a writer, musician, programmer, game designer, sculptor, artist and animator, producer, director and showrunner on my first project. I also founded the world’s foremost science fiction radio station,, and a new publishing imprint called Helium Beach. 

Access to the necessary platforms and conduits is one of the greatest struggles artists and other creators have. Making these platforms and conduits, and helping lift the work of others so that it can be seen by everyone is possibly the greatest work of my lifetime so far. 

We all rise together.

— Gene Turnbow


My Recent Work

3d Printing as Art

Learning to Paint and Sculpt with Machines

Visual Arts

Photography, Illustration, Sculpting & More

Mighty Aphrodite - The Web Series

Romantic comedy animated web series, 2019

I Built a Radio Station, the world’s most popular scifi radio station,  is now over 13 years old.


My Journal

Yes, I do have my opinions, just like everybody else. I am, however, at the heart of things, a humanist, and a big fan of doing things out of compassion for other humans.