This is the pencil work, mostly.

I should really get around to updating all this. I’ve done better work more recently.


Pencil, taken from a comic book cover (sorry, I don’t remember which one, but this is a redraw of somebody else’s artwork.)

Karl Gnass

The famous figurative artist, Karl Gnass. I was his studio liaison at Rhythm and Hues while I was there.

A Bard

A bard, SCA, Great Western War, 2014

Amber the Warrior

Watercolor pencil, drawn from life, SCA Combat Practice, Oxnard CA 2010


Life drawing. This is about a 5 minute sketch.

Karl Lembke (I think)

This is the guy that’s been running the hospitality suite at LOSCON for years now.

"A Browncoat"

Caricatures drawn from life. I remember he wasn’t all that pleased when he found out. 

Woman from Denny's

I saw this girl at a Denny’s in Simi valley. I had been working on caricature that month, so I did one of her. I could easily have pushed it the other way and made her pretty, but pretty is often also quite boring…

Family Friend

4th of july picnic, 2010

Male Torso Study

Studio drawing, 2010

A Klingon

A portrait of a Klingon cosplayer I met at a convention.

Character Design

An attempt to develop a visual style for a set of character designs.

My Son Charles

Drawn from life, SCA Great Western War, about 2013 or so.


Hands are hard. Just saying.

Female Torso Study

Studio drawing, 2010

Female Torso Study

Studio drawing, 2010. Apparently at this stage I was having trouble drawing feet, and had a tendency to just leave them off. Bad artist. no cookie.