Gene Turnbow Draws Like Drew Struzan But On a Budget

Gene Turnbow Draws Like Drew Struzan But On a Budget

I do commissions sometimes. This latest one was done for a new pop media site called Second Geekhood, and the three people depicted are its key players, Kristine Cherry, Dennis Cherry, and Liz Carlie. They wanted something that looked like Drew Struzan’s, but of course they weren’t getting Struzan for anything mere mortals could afford.

Of course it doesn’t compare with the real thing. I’m no Drew Struzan. But I got close enough to make the client happy. I’m sure if I’d been able to spend more time on this, I could have gotten it up there – but you know how it is. Artists never finish their work. They merely relinquish it.


What you see here is about four day’s work, switching back and forth between Corel Painter and Photoshop. I’m sure I can get faster as I do more of these. I sure wish I could get Photoshop’s image control tools and Painter’s natural brushes and materials in one program, but the two of them being able to read Photoshop files is an acceptable substitute for that.

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