Paper Cylons

Paper Cylons

This is just too cool not to comment on.  Yes, I’m geeking out here – this is an article on on how to create old-style Cylon armor as papercraft.

And here’s the link to the article itself on Make Magazine’s web site.

The reason this caught my attention is that one of my first jobs when I first started doing FX was building the Cylon suits for the Universal Studios Tour in a small shop in North Hollywood in 1979.  I spent three months making parts out of fiberglass and prepping them to be vacuum metalized and made into costume parts.   The interesting thing here is that the costumes we made looked a lot better than the real thing did that they used for the show.  For the show, they used vacuum-formed plastic, and they used simple reflective mylar tape to make it all look chromed.  We tried that for the stage suits, but it looked really dreadful because you could see all the tape seams that the cameras hid so well when they shot them for the TV show – so we were saddled with this laborious, painstaking process that would stand up under close scrutiny from three feet away.  We had to fill every tiny pinhole, or when it was vacuum metalized, you’d see it.  They had to be perfect.

— Gene Turnbow

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