The best content for your production is arguably the content you make yourself. However, sometimes the best content is stuff you just buy and use, because it’s not center stage content or the time and resources required to create the content exceeds the time and resources you have.

Here’s a list of sources for models and 3D resources. There’s also, but  there’s a bit of a flap about them penalizing artists who don’t sign exclusivity agreements with them. I’m not sure what to make of it, since I’m not currently active creating CG assets for resale currently (though this may change).

Here are the other sites as mentioned in the blog linked above:

And then there’s this one other site I found, called Animeeple, which trades in BVH files (motion capture file format animations).  This looks interesting, but the free animations they offer are a rather poor enticement to go further, and I don’t know anybody who sells animations through them.  It might be worth a sniff or two.

— Gene Turnbow

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