A good friend of mine has a husband who is a master chef, and Italian.  He once told me that the Italians have a saying: “Between words and deeds lies an ocean.”

When people judge you, they judge you by your actions.  It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines and watch your life go by.  Life is not a spectator sport.

I’ve been looking at my life lately, and realizing that it is only when I act rather than merely speak of my plans that I make forward progress.  I’ve been learning about animation for a long time now, and I’ve even done a little of it.  But I’m not going to be taken seriously as an animator until I start spending some serious time animating.

Any goal you have that’s worth anything is worth working for, and that means taking action.

I’ve studied enough. Time to put all that study to work.

— Gene Turnbow

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