Unlike other cars’ E.P.A. estimated mileage, the Toyota Prius actually delivers on its claim of 50 miles per gallon. I just bought one, and I was amazed to discover that I could get as much as 70 miles per gallon depending on where I was going and what the road conditions were. Yes, it was expensive, but my car payment will be fixed, whereas the price of gas is only going up. I’ve only had the car two weeks, and I’m already noticing a difference in my bottom line.

I’ve been keeping track of how many miles per tankful of gas I’m using, and it’s coming out to an amazing 600 miles for each 12 gallons of gas I buy! What a relief – my last car was a performance car, and though it could get 34 MPG on the highway if you were careful, it typically got 15 miles to the gallon in rush hour traffic. That makes my Prius about three and a half times more fuel efficient than my last car. That’s a huge difference.

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12 moments that probably made celebrities who they areIf the Patriots’ defense, which is tied for 26th in the league with just five interceptions this season, can’t force Fitzpatrick into a mistake or two or a half dozen he does have a six pick game on his resume this season then it’s officially time to worry about whether this defense will ever force a turnover when it needs one. (It doesn’t have one in three games, and just nine on the season.) In eight games, Fitzpatrick has 13 picks this season. Only one defense in the league, http://www.cheap-jerseys-sale.com the Chiefs, has as many interceptions as he has thrown. How about a pick six this week, Malcolm Butler?The Playoffs: The single elimination tournament is held after the regular season to decide who will play in the Super Bowl. Six teams from the National conference and six teams from the American conference play each other to make the decision. The Playoffs are often watched at parties in sports bars or at parties in people’s homes. Many fans beat on the playoffs.He’s thrown for an average of 389.7 yards with six scores and four picks over his last three games.Roethlisberger threw for a franchise record 522 yards and tied his own team mark with six touchdowns against the Colts last season. However, he had two of the team’s four turnovers last weekend as it fell into a tie with Kansas City, Houston, Indianapolis Cheap Jerseys and New York.”It’s one of those things where we have a lot of games left that we have to win,” guard David DeCastro said. It is mind boggling how long you are in bed. We all complain that we don’t get enough sleep and that we are always starting work too early and finishing too late to ever get our full quota. The average sleep is 8 hours. This 8 hours equates to a third of our 24 hour day though which is obviously a substantial part of our day. The remember that we sleep every single day. It isn’t hard to do the maths that this means that we effectively spend a third of our entire life in our bed and on the average lifespan of 75 years this equates to a staggering 25 years in bed.Will be crammed together into tiny cages, loaded onto trucks and driven day and night for four or five days with no food or water (if they are lucky, they might be hosed down, just to Cheap Oakleys keep them alive). Once at the markets in southern China, they will be bludgeoned across the face, stabbed and bled out, or slowly, fake ray ban sunglasses torturously beaten to death in the misguided belief that their meat will taste better if they are panic stricken at the cheap nfl jerseys point of death. The same fate awaits millions of cats some of them are even boiled alive.