This year my son absolutely had to be Optimus Prime for Halloween, so since I used to make all this crazy stuff when I was doing practical FX, I decided we’d do it! My web site was so hopeless for updating it that I never posted the picture till now, but here it is:

I cut about 140 pieces of foam core and hot-glued it all together, test fitting parts on him as we went. On Halloween, it was a little chilly outside, but he was hot and sweaty inside the suit. He also had to learn how to walk in the suit, and it was very difficult. He had to adopt a sort of swinging gait, and it was so much work that after only about four blocks, he was pretty much done for the evening. He got a lot of compliments, and he was quite proud of it even though he complained rather a lot about how uncomfortable it all was.

The helmet we bought.

I’m no idiot.

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